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Open Education Hub

The ΟPEN EDUCATION HUB is a non-profit organization based in Brussels, aiming to empower vulnerable and disadvantaged groups (young students, unemployed individuals or migrants) to become scholar and open-minded learners through tailored mentorship programmes, upskilling trainings and language courses.

Part of our mentorships are offered to young, disadvantaged target groups of unemployed living in Belgium free of charge.

The aim of the Open Education Hub is to bridge the gap of skills availability between the different groups of job seekers in Brussels, a city where there a variety of cultural, religious, language skills and an immense differentiation among skills offered from different EU and non-EU nationalities.

In this context, we develop activities that support:

Career management services

School support and curricula design

Upskilling trainings

Greek language courses for non-native speakers / Expatriate Greek

Our team

Our team aims to develop tailor-made support mechanisms to actors in Belgium that support the skills of the local population, social and economic integration processes of different target groups to local communities as well as support the current challenges and needs in the area of digital transition.

Our mission

Our mission is to support the link between the EU’s strategy into a better Europe for the citizen and the local actors in Greece in their path towards continuous improvement and strategy development.