Promoting social entrepreneurial mindsets for a sustainable future for young people

Project Name: IGNITE: Promoting social entrepreneurial mindsets for a sustainable future for young people
Programme: Erasmus+
Priority: KA220-YOU – Cooperation partnerships in youth
Project ID: KA220-YOU-426849CE
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Duration: 24 months
Topics: Youth employability, entrepreneurship, sustainability

Project Description

The IGNITE project aims to encourage and enable young people with fewer opportunities (including NEETs), young people at risk of marginalisation and those with a migrant background to foster their social entrepreneurship spirit through a tailored skills programme, adoption of innovative digital strategies and the opportunity to establish a social enterprise in a supported ecosystem. At the same time, IGNITE aims to raise awareness of and promote the solidarity dimension of social entrepreneurship practices and young peoples’ contribution to their personal & professional development


Project Coordinator
Coopérative pour le Développement de l’emploi dans les métiers du patrimoine (France)

Open Education Hub (Belgium)
The Rural Hub CLG (Ireland)
Institouto Koinonikis Kainotomias kai Synoxis (Greece)
Mindshift Talent Advisory lda (Portugal)
CO&SO- Consorzio per la cooperazione e la solidarieta- Consorzio di cooperative sociali-società cooperattiva sociale (Italy)
Skills Elevation FHB ( Germany)

Project Results

Activity 1 Project Management

Activity 2 IGNITE Social Enterprise Skills Programme and Simulation Games

Activity 3 IGNITE Social Economy Coaching Programme for Youth Workers

Activity 4 IGNITE Digital Hub and Dissemination Actions

Our Role

OpenEducationHub is responsible for outlining a project quality plan, leading quality assurance exercises and drafting brief reports. Open Education Hub will lead the creation of the third project result Toolkit and Guidelines for the IGNITE Youth Labs.


The IGNITE project has a clear and ambitious mission to empower young people with the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to become social entrepreneurs who drive positive change in their communities. It aims to foster a sense of innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability among youth while promoting youth employment and self-employment, social inclusion and climate action. IGNITE will enable young peoples’ contribution to their personal and professional development.IGNITE project will empower & equip young people with targeted social entrepreneurial skills to support them to create social impact within their communities. The project will train 140 young people and 70 youth workers in the IGNITE approach creating a supportive ecosystem to successfully develop and deliver IGNITE in 7 EU countries.