Our School

European School students (EB exams)

Our experienced team of teachers will:

  • Teach Modern Greek as L1 to students in European Schools (1st-2nd cycle of Secondary Education, ELA, S2-S6) in order to achieve good academic performance
  • instruct students in the final year (ELA, S7) of European Schools in Greek language (L1) and literature in order to succeed in the EB examinations
  • teach Ancient and Modern Greek (L2/FL) as an elective to European School pupils in Greek sections and/or sections from other EU countries

Expatriate Greek seniors living abroad (Uni. Entrance exams in Greece)

  • Coach the expatriate Greek seniors living abroad (Greek as FL or L2), who want to succeed in entrance National exams in Greece

Expatriate Greeks and foreigners (National Certificate of Greek language/Greek Ministry of Education)

  • Coach the expatriate Greeks and foreigners (adolescents and adults) (Greek as FL or L2), who want to achieve the National Certificate of Greek language

Adult education

  • Teach the Greek language (Modern – Ancient) to non- Greek adults who intend to use Greek in a professional context