Our vision

We develop trainings that address the current needs of young people as well as of adults who want to be trained

Our experienced team aims to provide our services and support to researchers, expatriates, Phd students and anyone who may need us.

Career Management Services

  • Business and mentoring for Expatriates and Migrants

School support and curricula design

  • Coaching and mentoring for young adults 

Upskilling training

  • For employees and job seekers

Greek for non-native speakers

  • Expatriate Greek seniors living abroad (Uni. Entrance exams in Greece)
    Coach the expatriate Greek seniors living abroad (Greek as FL or L2), who want to succeed in entrance National exams in Greece
  • Expatriate Greeks and foreigners (National Certificate of Greek language/Greek Ministry of Education)
    Coach the expatriate Greeks and foreigners (adolescents and adults) (Greek as FL or L2), who want to achieve the National Certificate of Greek language
  • Adult education
    Teach the Greek language (Modern – Ancient) to non- Greek adults who intend to use Greek in a professional context


We approach language communicatively and apply genre

  • based language teaching and task- based learning
  • creative spoken language in order to ‘design’ a new oral text (critical literacy)
  • creative writing in order to ‘design ’a new text (critical literacy)
  • developing and editing of modern Greek language teaching text books for advanced classes at high school
  • vocabulary, meaning, word composition exercises and special support to high school students with dictation/vocal exercises
  • Mock tests (organization and selection of topics in the seniors’ mock exams)
  • Students’ assessment

[personalized teaching to pupils with dyslexia and syntactical problems Greek language and with attention deficit – hyperactivity disorder ]