Silent Victims of Hidden Pandemic

Project Name: Silent Victims of Hidden Pandemic
Programme: Erasmus+
Priority: YOUTH: Increasing quality, innovation and recognition of youth work
Project ID:  2023-3-BE04-KA210-YOU-000174949 
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Duration: 16 months
Topics: Digital safety Prevention of bullying Preventing racism and discrimination

Project Description

The “Silent Victims” project addresses the increasing problem of cyberbullying, particularly exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Youth are among the most vulnerable groups to cyberbullying. This project aims to support youth workers by providing them with training and innovative strategies to combat cyberbullying and support affected youth.


Project Coordinator
Open Education Hub – Belgium

Action for People (Romania)
Kültür Bilim ve Teknoloji Derneği (Turkey)

Project Results

Needs Analysis and Framework Development

  • Conducting a thorough needs analysis to understand the scope and impact of cyberbullying.
  • Developing a comprehensive framework to guide project activities and outcomes.

Training Program Development and Delivery

  • Creating and delivering a training program for youth workers focusing on cyberbullying awareness, prevention, and intervention strategies.

Resource Creation and Dissemination

  • Developing educational materials, handouts, and digital resources to support the training program.
  • Disseminating resources across partner institutions and broader networks.

Evaluation and Impact Assessment

  • Implementing evaluation methods to assess the effectiveness of the training and resources.
  • Conducting impact assessments to measure the project’s success and areas for improvement.

Our Role

Our role in the Silent Victims project includes organizing and facilitating the training sessions, providing expertise on cyberbullying, and contributing to the development of educational resources. We will also be responsible for coordinating activities with partners, ensuring the smooth execution of the project, and leading the evaluation and impact assessment efforts.



  • Train 60-80 youth workers in innovative practices against cyberbullying.
  • Build self-confidence and empathy among youth through creative drama and psychodrama.
  • Raise awareness about cyberbullying among 200-300 young people, aiming for a minimum 30% increase in awareness.

Expected Results:

  • Develop the book “Manual for Youth Workers
  • My Safe Digital World”.
  • Increase participants’ awareness about cyberbullying by 70-80%.
  • Youth workers will exchange good practices, share experiences, and discuss solutions.