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Visit our new office in Brussels!

We are thrilled to announce that Open Education Hub has opened a new office in the heart of Brussels!

This strategic location, situated at the prestigious Spaces Brussels, Court Of Justice on Rue aux Laines, positions us perfectly to expand our reach and enhance our educational initiatives across Europe.


A Prime Location

Our new office is located at: Spaces Brussels, Court Of Justice Rue aux Laines 70, 1000, Brussels (Belgium).

This prime location not only offers a vibrant and dynamic environment but also places us at the centre of educational and innovative activities within Brussels.

Our new office space offers a modern and inspiring setting that aligns with our mission to foster innovative and inclusive educational practices. The state-of-the-art facilities and vibrant community at Spaces provide the perfect backdrop for our team to collaborate, innovate, and drive our projects forward.

Enhancing Our Mission

The opening of the Brussels office marks a significant milestone for Open Education Hub. It allows us to:

      • Strengthen Collaborations: Being in Brussels enables us to forge stronger relationships with European institutions, educational organizations, and like-minded partners.

      • Increase Accessibility: Our presence in Brussels makes it easier for us to engage with stakeholders and participants from various parts of Europe.

      • Expand Our Impact: With a central location, we can better coordinate and execute our projects, workshops, and events aimed at promoting open education and lifelong learning.

    Join Us!

    We invite all our partners, collaborators, and community members to visit our new office and join us in celebrating this exciting development. Together, we can continue to advance the cause of open education and create a brighter future for learners everywhere!

    For more information about Open Education Hub and our initiatives, please visit our website or contact us at our new Brussels office.

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